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16. January 2011

RIP Susannah York

Born Susannah Yolande Fletcher, January 9, 1939, died January 15, 2011, of cancer.

Nerd alert: if I think Susannah York, I think of Superman’s mom, Lara, in Superman 1, 2 and 4.  She was, of course, much more than that.

Susannah York’s movie debut was 1960, in the movie Tunes of Glory, where she played alongside Sir Alec Guiness. She also performed in the award winning movies Tom Jones (1963), A Man for All Seasons (1966), The Killing of Sister George (1968) and Battle of Britain (1969).

While the Superman series might have been what imprinted her on a whole generation of nerds, her crowing moment in movies was probably the 1970 film They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?, a movie about couples who try to win a dance marathon in the depression era. Susannah York was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role of Alice in this one, but stepped on the Academy’s toes when she declared that she felt offended that she was nominated without being asked first. The Oscar subsequently went to Goldie Hawn. One wonders… She did get the BAFTA for the same role, though.

Although she did a lot of work for movies and TV, York claimed she was happiest on a theater stage, where she felt she truly belonged.

She also wrote two children’s books, In Search of Unicorns and Lark’s Castle, and was politically active.


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  1. Bad enough we had to watch her die in SUPERMAN 1978 but now Susannah York has had to go and die for real at age 72 from cancer. The hidden benefits of being old is that you remember things when they were good you remember when Susannah York movies were more the norm than the happy occasion…

    Comment by Monex — 30. January 2011 @ 08:00

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