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31. October 2010

Scary Little Monsters

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I enjoy Halloween. I don’t attend any parties, I don’t dress up. I like the early evening, when the children come out, dressed up as ghosts and witches and monstery, and demand candy.

Halloween isn’t as big here in Germany as it is in the US. The children don’t go overboard with their costumes. You get a lot of black-robed ghosts, and a lot of little witches.

I always pretend I’m scared when I see them. I open the door, and get afraid. I really ham it up. I am, after all, not attempting to win an Oscar or a Tony. What I want is give some pre-schoolers the feeling that they have a really scary costume for Halloween. I have fun, the children have fun, a sense of accomplishment, and free candy, and everyone wins.

Tonight is a night that three boys, each of them maybe six or seven years old, will probably brag about at school on Monday. Because, apparently, I really sold it to them. I got so scared that they go scared and took off their masks to reassure me that no, they are not really evil ghosts, they are just children.

I managed to stay in character and not burst out laughing until they were well on their way to the next house, and the door was closed. I consider that a full and unreserved success. All the way.


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