The Way of the Word

17. October 2010

The Gatherers – Chapter 28

The cave was nowhere near Habbassin’s cave, but it too had a nice view of the sea. If you liked such things. Right now, Ghenni didn’t care. All that interested her was that it was safe and impossible to find.

She had to wade through ankle-deep water for several minutes before she found a stone that rose high enough above the water, and which was large enough for her to lie down on. The tide was in already, so she didn’t have to fear drowning in her sleep. At the moment, that didn’t sound like such a bad idea. But no. She had to save Lejani.

She climbed on the rock and curled up to sleep, hugging her knees close to her chest. This cave had definitely been abandoned for ages. The smell alone would have driven every sane person away. She shuddered when she realized how cold the stone she had chosen was. She didn’t dare go farther into the cave, though. This would have to do. After all, it was only for one single night. She could stand it for one single night.


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