The Way of the Word

22. August 2010

Made of Fail Backstory: Curses, Foiled Again!

Today’s offering introduces a new semi-regular character: Evil Mastermind. Unlike almost every other evil mastermind in fiction, EM really is a criminal genius.

I mean, how many other villains in movies, TV, novels and comics do you know who actually know to quit while they’re ahead? Who somehow acquire a billion dollars so that they need to set their masterplan in motion, which usually essentially boils down to becoming insanely rich. Those masterplans usually fail, and the evil mastermind loses everything.

The CM-logo on his chest was based on the original name: Criminal Mastermind. I like the character, though, and I had the thought that I might want to reuse him, specifically for those strips where I need someone to be evil, but for whatever reason don’t want to use Mefisto. In order to fit him in with the rest of the gang (Amy, Ben, Craig, Don), I decided to change his name to Evil Mastermind (preserving the alphabetic order — I’m weird that way).

His look, by the way, is based on the classic supervillains of the 1960s. Dr. No and Donald Pleasance’s Blofeld, to name just two of them.

Actually, you can expect to see him again fairly soon. I have plans for Evil Mastermind. Evil plans…


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