The Way of the Word

9. August 2010

Mad Pulper Project: Return to Grover Springs

I’m halfway done. Yes, work slowed down a bit, due to various circumstances, but at least it never stopped (outside that week I took off from this to do some Made of Fail). I’ve set up all the twists, the bad guys are now showing their true colors. I know how the rest of the story goes. I mean, I really know, as in, I have the completely written scenes in my head. All I need to do is type them out. I’ll need to do two scenes I don’t like the way they are in my head now, because they have clumsy transitions. They use characters I haven’t had as POV characters yet, and doing that in the second half is not a good thing. But at the moment, I see no way around it. I need those scenes to advance the story. It would be easier if I could use Jake or Jerry as a POV character, but that would open several other cans of worms. In any case, since I now know how I want to wrap this up, I expect the second half will flow much more smoothly than the first half did — which was the half where I was still figuring out what story I was telling.


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  1. Hey, thanks for the post on Konrath’s blog. How about an official visit on September 4? Drop me your e-mail address at and we’ll set it up.

    Comment by Stacey Cochran — 10. August 2010 @ 00:05

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