The Way of the Word

8. July 2010

Mad Pulper Project: Return to Grover Springs

Yesterday, I deleted 250 words that I had written on Tuesday. It turned out that deleting them made no difference to what I had already written. They were just chaff, useless exposition.

While the exposition part was tedious to write, it’s actually a very funny twist on an old action movie/thriller trope. Any genre-savy reader will get it on the second reading (or at least by the time they finish a first reading), and hopefully find the twist as funny as I do. Even if the scene itself isn’t funny.

I brought the novel to 4,175 words yesterday. Which is a pretty good result under the circumstances. I also had a huge load of fun writing Max Horton. So much fun that I’ll have to be careful not to center the story on him. It made one thing clear, however. I need to revise the first couple of chapters. Max’s voice is so unique that the other chapters seem very bland in comparison. I need to make Billy’s and Liam’s voices equally compelling.

Okay, on with the show. The plan is to crack 5,000 words today. Unlike yesterday, I actually have time, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


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