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7. June 2010

Workblog: Made of Fail By the Numbers

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To date, I’ve uploaded five strips. I’ve drawn 18. I’ve scripted 28.

I had just finished an Amy-centric storyarc and was about to script another done-in-one with Amy and Don —

I stopped. I couldn’t use those two. I had just used Amy extensively, and I certainly use Don a lot. So I had to rethink the strip I wanted to do, because the other two (Ben and Craig) certainly deserved at least equal time, didn’t they?

The problem is that I really love to write Don, because he’s such an irredeemable, ignorant, arrogant a$$hole. He’s fun to write. So I’m afraid I tend to overuse him. On the other hand, I have problems finding things for Ben to do, which implies that I probably underuse him.

It made me curious just how often I had used the various characters in season 2. Maybe I’ll do a count for season 1 someday; I was only interested in season 2 because that one’s still in progress.

The results surprised me. It turned out that I use Don and Ben equally (9 strips out of 28, each), and Amy shares equal time with Craig (14 times each).  Mefisto shows up twice (no surprise, he’s usually difficult to fit into anything — but I love drawing him), and season 2 had 10 extras sharing the stage. (One of which I’m thinking of expanding into a semi-regular like Mefisto).

One of the consequences is that I can now be relaxed about giving Don some more facetime.

Who are your favorite Made of Fail characters?


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