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23. May 2010

Workblog: Made of Fail Season 2 Opener

Season 2 of my webcomic Made of Fail is officially launched now. There are some things that you don’t need to know about it, but I will tell you anyway.

First, you need to remember that Made of Fail is mostly based on (or at least inspired by) real life. The five main characters are based on real people. The plan is to use this workblog to, at least sometimes, tell you the backstory of how a particular strip came to be. Some of those stories might even be funnier than the strip itself.

Okay, so: what’s the story behind the first strip? It’s not really a funny story, but it might interest you.

When I originally launched Made of Fail last year, I jumped in with both proverbial feet. I did the first strip, uploaded it, and let everyone learn about the characters by watching them. When my situation forced me to stop making the strip, I decided to post a farewell strip.

It was mostly because of that that I felt I couldn’t just jump right back in when I re-started the strip. I felt the need for a transition, something to welcome the readers back. That turned out to be more difficult than I had expected. The first three or four tries were the characters talking at the reader, welcoming them and hinting at what is about to come. Or they were standing around talking among themselves. Or, or, or. The problem was that they were all too expository without being the least bit funny. It took me seven tries (fortunately, I decided to script them before drawing them) before I had a saving idea.

I had broken the fourth wall a couple of times during season 1. There was no reason not to do it again. It was from that thought that the idea of Mefistopheles welcoming the readers back was born. And since Mefistopheles was welcoming the reader back, there had to be something evil behind it.

The result is the strip that I uploaded today. I will update Made of Fail every Wednesday and Sunday.


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