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18. May 2010

Review: Castle Season 2 Finale

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Alexis is off to Princeton for the summer. That means Castle has to spend the summer in Hampton all by himself. Which is a good thing, in theory, because his new Nikki Heat novel (Naked Heat) is late. James Patterson, during their poker game, asks the question that Castle needs to answer: is Beckett really his muse, or a distraction?

While he thinks about this, Beckett and Castle are on a new case: a man was murdered in the park. Everything indicates that the victim was a spy, and that the murder was a professional hit.

Castle: “This is officially the best case ever.”

He also tries to use this chance to talk Beckett into joining him for the Hamptons. The problem is that Beckett has other plans, said plans involving Detective Demming. Since Beckett is getting more and more involved with Demming, and since his hanging around the police station is negatively impacting his work, Castle begins to wonder if perhaps he should just quit his “research.”

I won’t spoil the mystery — there are so many enjoyable twists and turns, it would be unfair. Suffice it to say that, as it should be in a spy story, nothing is as it seems. I also won’t spoil the developments between the various characters. Let’s just say that the relationship between Beckett and Demming is coming to a decision (one season early, in my opinion), and Castle responds accordingly. There are credible developments for all the characters and their relationships, which leaves us with something of a cliffhanger ending towards the next season.

“See you in the fall,” are the last words said in this episode. The second season was much stronger than the first, so I’m sad to see it go. But I look forward to season 3.

Verdict: very recommended


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