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4. May 2010

Review: Iron Man 2

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USA 2010. Directed by Jon Favreau. Starring Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell. Runtime 124 minutes

Tony Stark has a lot of problems. The energy source that keeps him alive is killing him. The US government wants his Iron Man armor. His competitor Justin Hammer wants to humiliate Stark and get a government contract for his armor. And Ivan Vanko wants him dead. Things become even trickier when Hammer and Vanko join forces in order to bring Stark down. And manage to remote control the Mark II armor, which Stark’s friend Rhodey stole for his own purposes.

To get this over with: I like Iron Man 2. Not as much as I like Iron Man 1, but still. The movie has a good story, good characters and good character development. It has one or two surprises, and Scarlett Johanssen in a catsuit. All good things.

It does, however, suffer from trying too hard. While it seamlessly combines the several character arcs to make a cohesive whole, there are still too many characters to spotlight, which harms the whole. (Maybe, if they had dropped the pointless plot of Tony being poisoned by his energy source — you know he simply builds a new one, dropping that part would have saved time that was sorely needed for other parts that were neglected.) Since the movie needs to service too many name actors, it disservices them all. Frankly, the only one who gets to shine is Sam Rockwell, who really chews up the scenery.

The action sequences work nicely, but seem rather hurried. It’s generally a good thing if an action sequence doesn’t overstay its welcome, but in this case it would have been nice to develop them a bit better.

In total, my impression of Iron Man 2 is that in trying to cram in too much, the movie fails to accomplish half of what it wants. It’s still very enjoyable, though, and one of this summer’s must-sees. Just… don’t expect it to be as good as Iron Man 1. It falls a bit short of that mark.

Verdict: recommended

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