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31. March 2010

Edge of Darkness: Revenant

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I was sorting through my files, looking for stuff I could discard. When I came upon the following comics pages.

Back in 2003, I had come up with an idea for a horror comic. I wrote the pitch pieces, found an artist who was willing to do a backend deal, and got to work. He drew the pitch pages, I pitched the miniseries to Image. They were interested. The artist wasn’t: now that Image was interested, he wanted money. Not one who tolerates being blackmailed, I told him clearly what I thought of him and looked for a new art team.

I spent quite a bit of money assembling a new art team. My friend Bobby Nash recommended his friend Jeff Austin. I went a bit crazy and also hired comics legend Joe Rubinstein to do the inks. Jaymes as the letterer completed the “5-Js” package. Hey, if Image was interested in what the previous artist and I had done, this crew should knock them dead. Right?

Well… We didn’t. Image wasn’t interested in the project with the new art team. I pitched it around some more. No takers. Then I ran out of money to pursue it further, so the project died.

As I said, I was looking through my files for stuff to discard, when I found the pitch pages. They look too good to discard, so I’ll definitely keep them. They are also too beautiful to not share. Enjoy.


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