The Way of the Word

16. March 2010


Yesterday evening, I decided to put the zombie novel aside and write some Made of Fail strips instead. Not draw them, I won’t do that until the zombie novel no longer takes up my evening. Just write the scripts.

Wait, I hear you shout, didn’t you just say a couple of days ago that you’re ashamed of Made of Fail?

Yes, I am. It is a totally amateurish and incompetently made humor strip. That didn’t stop me when I did it last year, did it?

Actually, last year, I created Made of Fail to make a point. I think I succeeded at that. I wouldn’t have to get back to it. But for several reasons that I don’t want to get into here, I want to.

Season 2 of Made of Fail might be different from last year’s. I am in a different mental, emotional and spiritual state than I was then, for one thing. I’m not sure if to which extent that will be reflected in the strips. It’s possible that the humor will be more mean-spirited and sarcastic than it was last year. I’ll have to find out. I’m also not sure yet which venue I’ll use to bring Season 2 online. Most likely, I will continue to present it through Webcomics Nation. There are alternatives, like Drunk Duck; I’m just not sure yet which I will choose. I’m also not sure yet if I will continue Made of Fail as an ongoing this time, or if I will make another 50 or so strips before calling another break.

Anyway. Once I have figured out how to reintroduce Made of Fail for its “second season,” I’ll try to finish the zombie novel.

My thanks to all who responded to my “what to call it” question. Revenge of the Walking Dead won by a landslide, so I’ll stick with that title.


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