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14. March 2010

Made of Fail is Made of Fail

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Made of Fail is the only work I have ever created for its own sake. It was born out of spite. After having been let down by one artist too many, I decided to make the point that I don’t really need artists. I could do that myself. It would suck, but I could do it myself.

From the very first, I knew that I would not make any money with Made of Fail. Not because I don’t want to make any money, but I have no idea how to monetize a webcomic.

Especially one of such poor quality.

Yes, the secret is out now: I am ashamed of Made of Fail. It is made of fail on so many levels.

– It’s a humor strip, even though I am notoriously unfunny.
– The art is totally amateurish. That is because I am a complete and untalented amateur. I have never had any interest at all in drawing anything. The cartoony style is simply because I can’t do any better. If I knew how to draw, it would look very different.
– It’s colored with colored pencils because I was unable to figure out how to use graphics software to color it.
– The same goes for the lettering: I couldn’t figure out how to do it in the computer, so I was forced to hand-letter. Considering that my handwriting would have qualified me for medical school…

There you have it. There you have all the reasons why Made of Fail is a free webcomic, and why it will remain free of charge. Because the above can be summed up as:

Made of Fail is so ineptly created that I am too ashamed of it to ask anyone to pay to read it.

Ironically, however, all of the above can also be summed up as: Made of Fail is the closest I will ever come to creating true art. Because it is the only thing I have ever created without any expectation that it might advance my career. Heck, when I started it, I was convinced that it would completely destroy any chance and hope I might have had to break into paying comics work. Truthfully, I don’t know if it did. But I do know that it didn’t help.

And yet, I intend to relaunch it in May 2010.


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