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22. February 2010


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Mankind hadn’t exactly waited for this with baited breath, but the human elite — the rich, the beautiful, the powerful — seized the moment anyway:

The day when immortality became practical. This specific kind of immortality, however, meant that those who chose it had to leave their bodies behind. Instead, they would digitize and upload their minds to the global computer network.

It didn’t bother them that it was an immortality of the mind. Well, it didn’t bother most of them. There were a few professional beauties who balked at the idea of literally losing their looks. For most of the human elite, however, it was far more important that they could preserve their essence. Their minds.

Their influence.

Some people wondered if uploading a human mind with all its knowledge and experience really had to be as expensive as it was. Most of those who wondered concluded that no, probably not.  The steep price, which made Uploading unaffordable for the regular working Joe and Jane was, they believed, merely the elite’s way of keeping it exclusive.

A year after Uploading began, the elite had abandoned their bodies. Their minds roamed cyberspace. From there, they saw everything. They heard everything. They controlled everything. Even the politicians and the captains of industry were surprised at how much more powerful they had become in digital form.

Until the day when someone uploaded a virus that erased the digital minds and crashed the global network beyond restoration.



  1. This is beautiful, Jens. It reads like back copy to a novel.

    I think it should be a novel.

    Comment by Jason Arnett — 22. February 2010 @ 20:07

  2. Thanks but… I’ve gotten this idea out of my system now, so I don’t think I’ll revisit it.

    Comment by jensaltmann — 23. February 2010 @ 09:47

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