The Way of the Word

11. February 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Last year, I created, wrote and even drew the webcomic Made of Fail. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, chek out those links to your right. Take your time. I’ll wait.

Done? Fine. Let’s continue, then.

After almost 50 strips, I quit. I wanted to write a novel. I’ve written novels before. Some of them were even published. I missed novel writing, plus I had this fun idea. But I couldn’t manage to continue Made of Fail and write a novel at the same time. Both are very much full-time pursuits. At least, considering that both are unpaid efforts, they are full-spare-time pursuits.

So I made up my mind. I stopped doing Made of Fail, but in such a way that I retained the option to get back to it some other time.

Some developments in the months since then made me decide that yes, there will definitely be more Made of Fail, probably starting in May. I want to finish the novel first, which I expect will require another month, then there’s something else I need to finish, then I’ll sit down again on Made of Fail Season 2.

One of the things about Made of Fail is that it’s based on real life. Every character in the strip is inspired by at least one person; some like Amy combine character traits of several real-world people. A lot of the situations I describe in the strip actually happened, if not excatly like this, then similarly. Or at the very least they comment/spoof/snark on something that really happened.

Yesterday, I considered changing my schedule. I’m currently in a bad place in regards to Revenge of the Walking Dead. And when I sat down yesterday to read the newspaper, I discovered two articles that were full of Fail. So much so that I was tempted to just drop the novel and get back to Made of Fail right away. I could hardly wait to spoof those two events.

But. I know me. If I drop the zombie novel, I’ll never get back to it. So I had to choose: relaunch Made of Fail with these absolutely incredible Fail stories right now, or follow the initial schedule?

I decided to sleep on it. The decision wasn’t really all that hard, when push came to shove. I’m going to stick to the original schedule. If the ideas from those two articles are really that strong, they’ll keep. They are general enough, not topical enough, that I need to do them right now or risk that nobody remembers the real-life events by the time I get around to it. I clipped and filed the two articles.

There was also the factor that I need some more time to decide where I will post the next Made of Fail strips. If I had jumped the gun, I would have had to decide right now, without the opportunity of considering/tryring out other options.

So, I’m afraid that Made of Fail Season 2 won’t launch before May, just as I had already decided. I’ll finish Revenge of the Walking Dead first. Watch this space for further developments.


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