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29. December 2009

Star Trek Phase 2 – the Webseries

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned the upcoming Buck Rogers webserial. Today, I want to give a shout-out to the other thing the people behind that webserial do: Star Trek Phase 2. The serial has been online since 2004.

Star Trek Phase 2, which is a free web serial, is a fan production with the ambition to tell the missing years of the USS Enterprise’s original five year mission. But don’t underestimate it, just because it’s a fan production. Because there is some serious talent behind this.

I’ll grant you that most of the actors are amateurish. That’s most likely because they are amateurs. But you shouldn’t sell them short, because they do improve with practice. Plus, and this is the amazing thing, they manage to get established Star Trek actors for their fan project. Walter Koenig and George Takei have reprised their roles of Checkov and Sulu, respecively, and the current episode Blood and Fire has Denise Crosby as a scientist who is clearly intened to be an ancestor of Star Trek TNG‘s Tasha Yar. Heck, even Majel Roddenberry returned as the voice of the ship’s computer.

The special effects are first rate and can easily compete with the effects of the remastered Classic Star Trek release. The stories are captivating, which is no surprise considering that they were written by the likes of (among others) D.C. Fontana and David Gerrold. According to Wikipedia (and yes, I know, shut up), several of the scripts for this show are retooled scripts for the official TV shows, which were for some reason or other not used. STP2 has an alleged budget of US-$ 70,000 per webisode. It shows.

In summary, what Star Trek Phase II is: it’s a lovingly and competently produced fan-webserial with a budged and terrific production values. If you’re a fan of Star Trek in any of its incarnations, you will want to see this.



  1. Doug Drexler, past makeup and scenic artist on everything from TNG to ENT, has also been known to contribute stuff to that webseries on occasion! As you may recall, his current dayjob on Caprica is likely going to keep him much busier, but he does produce the odd Phase II-related gem on his blog.

    Comment by Dwight Williams — 29. December 2009 @ 14:54

  2. To be honest, I wouldn’t know. I dropped out of all things Battlestar Galactica during the second season, so while I know that Caprica exists, I have no idea (and no interest in) what it is about, or who is involved.

    Comment by jensaltmann — 30. December 2009 @ 11:47

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