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27. December 2009

Novel in Progress: Revenge of the Walking Dead

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The novel’s current status is: approximately halfway done.  The more observant among you might have noticed that I haven’t written a NiP post for quite some time. The reason is simple: I didn’t have anything to post.

In this household, December is traditionally the month where I don’t get anything done. Well, not anything, there’s the translation work and the magazine freelancing, both of which have deadlines and need to be gotten done. And do get done.

But spec stuff like Revenge of the Walking Dead? That somehow falls by the wayside. In this particular case, one evening I sat down and realized that it was the first evening in quite some time where I would have had the time to work on the novel. I also noticed that, even though it’s still a couple of days within this year, a lot of my evenings are already spoken for one way or another.

Which was why I decided to put Revenge aside for 2009 and pick it back up in January. Instead, I’m doing other things. Like reading Stephen Lawhead’s Robin Hood trilogy. I’m supposed to read the trilogy for work, as part of an article about Robin Hood, and as preparation for a possible interview with Stephen Lawhead.

I hope and expect that when I return to work on Revenge of the Walking Dead in the new year, I’ll burn through the rest of the story with renewed energy and vigor. As I have mentioned, I want to wrap it up before March, when I want to begin work on the Berserker: The Wild Hunt novelization.


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