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24. December 2009

The Road Ahead

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So, what’s the plan for 2010? Other than the usual passle of translation work and non-fiction (columns and articles) writing?

Intrepid seems to be making progress. It has a publisher. That came completely out of nowhere this morning. I’m giving up on all other comics projects.

– In 2010, I will focus on prose projects. I have full and complete control over prose projects, because I’m doing them all by myself. I don’t have to rely on anyone else.

– I will continue to look for an agent. If anyone has/knows an agent and is willing to refer me, it would be much appreciated.

– I will finish my zombie novel, Revenge of the Walking Dead, before March. Then I will use it for agent hunting. I’m writing this one in German, so there is no overlap with my anglophone agent hunting.

– When Revenge is finished, I’m going to take Berserker: The Wild Hunt and turn it into a prose novel. Berserker is a completely scripted 100 page OGN. The artist flaked out on me about halfway through the art. The plan is to first release the Berserker novel online on my blog (or I might start a new blog just for this novel), before trying to sell it in ebook format. Who knows, it might even find a print publisher.
– I should be able to finish Berserker within 2010. Which should leave me enough time to start a third novel in 2010. There are several ideas that I want to tackle. Which one will depend on various factors: will I get an agent, will one of my other novels find a publisher and if so, which one. And other things.

– I don’t believe in self-publishing. I’m part of the generation that believes that if you can’t find someone to pay you for your work, you’ve failed. But I may have to look into it next year. Considering some of the stuff I did this year, I am already a complete failure by my standards. I might as well throw the pitiful remains of my dignity completely out of the window.


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