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23. December 2009

Christmas Carols

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What is your favorite Christmas song, and which is the one you dislike the most?

Apparently, most people here in Hamburg hate the song Last Christmas. Probably because it’s played all the time all over the city these days.

The Christmas tune that I hate the most, and I really do mean hate, to the point where it makes me borderline homicidal, is Jingle Bells. It doesn’t help that almost all the street musicians here in Hamburg seem to know only two tunes: Jingle Bells during Christmas season, and The Godfather theme the rest of the year. The reason why I hate Jingle Bells so much is because it reminds me of happier times, times that are irretrievably lost. Unfortunately, being reminded of that doesn’t make me happily nostalgic. Instead, it makes me miserable for having lost those times. I don’t blame the song, but if something were to remind you all the time just how miserable your life has become, you’d get borderline homicidal too.

My favorite Christmas song is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, as performed by Dean Martin. The other versions are also okay, but I have always liked the timbre of Dean Martin’s voice.

So: your turn: what are your favorite and least favorite Christmas songs, and why?


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