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16. December 2009

Dexter Finale: Out of the Blue

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Dexter gets Trinity. No surprise there. As awesome as John Lithgow was in the part, there was no chance that they would retitle the show Trinity next season.

Deb finding out that Dexter is the Ice Truck Killer’s biological brother was overdue. I liked how they handled it. Will Deb find out next season what Dexter does in his spare time? Stay tuned. I have no clue, which is one of the reasons why I like this show. It’s unpredictable.

Still: my prediction is that in season 5, we will discover that Harry is actually Dexter’s biological father.

Since everyone knows by now that Trinity killed Rita, I’ll just come out and spoiler it. It’s a massive game changer, and I look forward to what they are going to do with it. One quibble, though: it came out of nowhere.

In my opinion, though, it was a mistake to kill Rita now. Some months will have passed in the Dexterverse between this season finale and next season’s opener. The next time we meet the Morgans, the investigation into her death will be pretty much over (although there will likely be some suspicion remaining on Dexter — especially from his new arch enemy Quinn). Dexter and the kids will have put most of the grieving behind them and settled into something resembling a day-to-day routine.

Now, just imagine: This season, Dexter learned what having this family means to him. He takes down Trinity and lives happily ever after. Until next season, when Rita is taken from him by some murderer’s hand. All next season, Dexter would have to deal with his own grief (what there would be of it), the childrens’ grief, he would have to learn how to be a single parent while being the prime suspect in Rita’s murder (family members usually are the prime suspects). His own quest for revenge would be hamstrung by all of this. That scenario would have had a lot of potential. So, I repeat: it’s a pity they killed Rita now. It would have been so much more effective next season.

Still, all in all, this finale is the perfect capper to a perfect thriller season. Season 4 was the best season yet. Trinity was the perfect foil for Dexter, just as John Lithgow more than held his own against Michael C. Hall’s incredible interpretation of everyone’s favorite serial killer. The writing was top notch, the intensity sometimes unbearable. I don’t see how they can top this next season.


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