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9. December 2009

Interlude: Travelog

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As apparently nobody noticed, I wasn’t here the last two days. I was in Berlin, attending an Avatar press junket.

I’ll blog about the movie later this week.

I arrived in Berlin on Monday afternoon, checked in at the hotel and walked to the cinema where they were showing the preview. On the way, I checked out Checkpoint Charlie and the Christmas market around the Alexanderplatz.

I was very impressed with that Christmas market. It’s unlike every other Christmas market we’ve visited. The one around Alexanderplatz is more like a carnival than a Christmas market. Very fun.

The last time I actually had time to sightsee in Berlin was on September 14, 2001. Obviously not the best time to visit, but we had planned that several months in advance and it was too late to return the tickets. Plus, the weather had sucked.

I had a bit of time to sightsee this time (unlike my previous visits to Berlin in the last couple of months), and I was amazed to see just how much the city has changed in the last 8 years.

On Tuesday, I went to the press junket, where I was part of roundtables interviewing producer Jon Landau, as well as Stephen Lang and Zoe Saldana.

You’ll have to read upcoming issues of Nautilus: Abenteuer und Phantastik for the interviews.

Landau is very enthusiastic about filmmaking, and easily communicates that enthusiasm.

Stephen Lang is not nearly as intimidating in real life. Instead, he’s actually quite friendly and personable. Unless, of course, that is the act. 🙂

Zoe Saldana is even prettier in real life than she is on the screen. Part of that comes from her exuberant and energetic personality. She’s vibrant and funny.

The interviews were fun, all three of them.


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