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3. December 2009

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

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This is a teaser trailer for an upcoming webseries, a remake of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. I like the retro look. The webseries has been officially endorsed by the Dille estate, who own the Buck Rogers trademarks.

Buck Rogers will be played by Bobby Quinn Rice. I think he looks a bit young, but that’s probably because I’m getting old.

They get bonus points for this:

Yes, that’s Gil Gerard, who played Buck Rogers back in 1979 – 1981. Which makes him my Buck Rogers. 🙂

As I said, I like the look of the trailer, so I’m cautiously optimistic about this. I will definitely try it out.



  1. Yeah, Gerard’s my Buck Rogers, too. I even bought the first two novelizations and sometimes wish I still had them. They were fun reads.

    This looks promising. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Comment by Jason Arnett — 3. December 2009 @ 14:21

  2. I had the movie novelization, but not the second one. I sold my copy fairly recently, when I bought the first season box. Gerard’s Buck was a lot of fun — the kind of guy you’d want to hang out with. Plus, Erin Grey and Pamela Hensley were hot, and the show managed to take itself not seriously at all while stopping short of being camp.

    Comment by jensaltmann — 3. December 2009 @ 17:09

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